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Ancient Empires II Revolution Mod is a large-scale modification of the Ancient Empires II game, focused mainly on the skirmish mode. The game has added the ability to import and export maps from the file system of the phone and vice versa, a built-in map editor, the limitation of 30 buildings per map has been removed, the choice of initial money settings and the limitation of the number of units has been expanded, the number of save slots has been increased to 10 ... and this is not the limit. ... A Bluetooth game is planned for the future, so stay tuned.


Download and changelog

Version 2.5

Download: Jar

  • Reworked work with unit colors, now units of each color are located in separate folders, and gray icons for them are created individually (for example, blue have a T-34 tank, red have a Tiger tank: now, upon completion of the turn, the red Tiger will not turn into gray T-34 [1])
  • Improved support for adding new tiles, now for each tile you can set not only the type, but also the icon on the minimap
  • In the list of tile types, you can specify which pictures to use for this type in the battle animation
  • Added "volcano" tile to the game as an example of adding new tiles
  • By default, the display of the initial splash screen is disabled (configured in the manifest, parameter Disable-Intro)

Version 2.4

Download: English version | Russian version

  • Each of the four colors has its own set of unit images (fewer problems / more possibilities when editing)
  • For each of the five building colors, separate tiles with fixed numbers have been created (it's easier to edit buildings, when adding new tiles, you won't have to redo all the maps)
  • Basic multiscreen - some pictures (maybe not all of those that should be) will be scaled to fit the screen

Version 2.3

  • Files * .sprite, tiles0.prop and units.bin converted from binary to text

Version 2.2

  • The number of received levels of units is now unlimited
  • Added the ability to change the size of the map in the map editor, improved work with selection
  • Added setting for FPS and skipping the splash screen (in the manifest or in the JAD file)

Version 2.1

  • Built-in map editor
  • Export maps to file system
  • Fixed a bug with the impossibility of passing story missions further than the first

Version 2.0

  • Import maps from file system
  • Eliminated the limitation of 30 buildings per map
  • Expanded selection of settings for initial money and the number of units
  • The number of slots for saving increased to 10
  • Provided the location of resources in the JAR'e both packed in the res.pak file, and unpacked in the res folder


  1. Previously, there was one set of icons (blue), and the game made all the others from it, including the gray ones. In version 2.4, separate sets of icons of each color were introduced, so that it was possible to draw fundamentally different units for different But the author forgot about the gray icons in that version, and as a result, for example, when the red player made a move, the red icon of the red unit turned into a gray icon of the blue unit. .org
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